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The Channels page is for managing your channels with information and the bot can send messages on them.



Add Channels

On the top of the page, Click on thebutton.



After that, an ajax popup form will show and you can add a channel just with fill the channel name field.

Note*: please consider this you must enter @ character before your channel name.

For Private Channels and Groups, that you want to add here, please do these steps:

  1. Log in to Telegram web.
  2. Select a Channel or Group that you want to use.
  3. Now the URL must become like this if Channel: “” and if Group must be: “”
  4. To get channel ID you must copy “c1422642727” and replace the “c” character with “-100” and the final ID must be: “-1001422642727” And to get Group ID copy “g233960872” and replace the “g” character with a minus, and the final ID must be “-233960872”.
  5. And that’s it! just put the final ID as the Name field, and no need @ character anymore.

Delete Channel

Under each row, you have a Delete link for managing your subscribers.


You can delete channels on Bulk action too.

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Feel free to contact!